Littlebrook Elementary School garden

Littlebrook’s gardens are nestled in an interior courtyard, with a few beds on the outside of the school. Included are seven raised beds, two cold frame beds, and one long in-ground bed that host rotating crops every year. There are also a dedicated three sisters plot, a colonial kitchen garden, fruit trees and raspberries, herb beds, a native shade perennials bed, a bulb bed, and several pollinator beds.

Each grade at Littlebrook has a garden project linked to the grade curricula, as well as one or more focus plant families. Science lab teacher Martha Friend uses the garden extensively and oversees the program. Garden educator Priscilla Hayes works with Martha and the rest of the faculty to develop and execute several garden lessons around each grade project. A team of parent volunteers heads up maintenance and continuous improvement of the grounds.

Littlebrook parents also organize garden tastings throughout the year, including an annual harvest tasting event in conjunction with Food Day, October 24, in which the whole school community takes a break from the day to taste a variety of dishes made from the crops they grew.

Littlebrook is also proud of the many community partners, including farmers, chefs, agricultural researchers, and historians who come to the garden to lead special classes and workshops.

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Growing season begins

April 9, 2014

Peas are up!

FIRST PEA: Snowpeas have emerged from the warming soil of Littlebrook Elementary School Gardens!

Things are growing at Littlebrook – check this link to see what’s new!

Fall 2011

November 20, 2011

This fall, Littlebrook welcomed Lesley Bush to its garden team as Garden Educator.  Lesley is a former science teacher and master gardener and will be teaching garden lessons to each class in the school five times over the course of the year.  In her lessons this fall, each grade started work on its Grade Garden Project for the year, and participated in the school-wide harvest of fall crops.

Another highlight this fall was preparing fresh-from-the-garden veggies right in the classroom using a new cooking cart, which was donated by PSGC through its Garden State on Your Plate grant.  First graders made a rubbed kale salad, with celery and nasturtiums, for the welcome back family picnic.  Kindergarteners made a pear sauce from our prolific pear tree.  Fourth graders cooked up butternut squash from the three sisters bed.  And fifth graders tasted roasted eggplant dip, made from our own eggplants by LB mom and chef, Jen Carson.

The kids brought in the remaining crops just before this year’s fall freeze and they were displayed at a Harvest Table at the pancake breakfast on October 29.  Families and staff in attendance got to bring home a bag of fresh LB-grown veggies!