Meals & Food at Princeton Public Schools

As a public service, reprinted below is the first page from the Request for Proposals document released on Monday, March 24, 2014 by Princeton Public Schools for prospective Food Service Management Companies:

The successful FSMC shall conduct the food service program in a manner which best fulfills the following objectives:

Provide an appealing, flavorful and nutritionally sound Funded Child Nutritional Program, and approved a la carte offering as applicable, for students with the highest of food quality possible while maintaining economic cost controls.

Provide reliable management continuity for the LEA’s School Nutrition Programs. Deliver the services at the lowest possible cost while meeting or exceeding the USDA nutritional standards for the 2014-2015 school year.

Recommend management and operational strategies to contain the LEA’s operating costs without sacrificing smooth operations. The goal of the FSMC must be to operate the food service program at no cost to the LEA. The exception is the cost of equipment and repairs. Apply professional efforts to maintain the best possible morale of food service staff during a transition while keeping the costs of service economical.

Promote nutritional awareness and coordinate with the LEA’s administrative advisory committees, district nutrition groups and teaching programs, including wellness initiatives such as school gardens.

Maximize student interest and participation by serving fresh locally sourced foods, seeking customer input, implementing menu variations and merchandising techniques and communicating effectively.

Provide regular culinary training for staff and ongoing palate education for customers, engaging the LEA in the effort.

Provide experienced staff support to focus on operational concerns as well as support to the director assigned.

Operate within the laws established by state and federal agencies that monitor and regulate food service management companies and the LEA as sponsors of the funded services.

Keep the LEA appraised of legislation that may impact the funded food services.

Make periodic recommendations regarding operational and/or equipment needs to the LEA.

Work with LEA to maintain or enhance the Wellness Policy, the Food Service Bio-Security Policy as well as the nutrition policy, and the HACCP Plan.

View and Print RFP Food Service Management (7MB PDF)