Creating a Sustainable Food Future

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.13.36 PMFrom the report: In Creating a Sustainable Food Future, we explore
a menu of potential solutions that could sustainably
close the food gap by 2050. Each solution
contributes to—or at least does not undermine—five
key sustainability criteria: advancing rural development,
generating benefits for women, protecting
ecosystems, reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
and avoiding overuse and pollution of freshwater.
Solutions on the menu fall into three categories:
1. Solutions that help to close the food gap by
reducing growth in food consumption in ways
that advance or safeguard human well-being;
2. Solutions that help to close the food gap by
increasing food production on existing agricultural
land; and
3. Solutions that do not necessarily produce
more food but reduce the environmental impact
of food production, particularly greenhouse
gas emissions.