JW Cooks+Gardens: Personalized garden pastas

June 1, 2017

Students in JW Cooks+Gardens this week used garden greens they grew to make pasta-based dishes in their kitchens. With each kitchens’ members making decisions jointly, each pasta was different: One added homemade meatballs, another stuck with greens, another added both, and one made a lovely pasta fagioli. Thanks to Chef Michelle Fuerst; to Master Gardener Priscilla Hayes; to Janet Gaudino, our faculty advisor and 8th grade science teacher, to Jason Burr, principal, to all the volunteers who ensured kitchen safety and good practices and to McCaffrey’s Food Markets and Church & Dwight Employee Giving Fund. Overheard: One student reporting to Chef Fuerst that she had already made parathas, which the class learned last week, for her entire family! These programs are changing the way children see themselves!
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